Why Termite Inspections Are A Must

Before purchasing a home, there are a number of things to consider, from the size to the location.

Many people are too focused on the features of the home that they don’t realise the importance of having a place that’s been inspected for possible termites. These small, annoying creatures can cause an abundance of trouble on all types of properties.



Receiving regular termite inspections will allow for your property to be thoroughly checked and for technicians to pick up on a problem before it gets any worse.

Termites are wood destroying structural pests and can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in homes, offices and other areas that contain wood. Termites love eating cellulose, a chain of sugar molecules that gives wood its strength, these pests eat this substance for nutritional purposes.

Termites don’t digest the wood immediately, it’s the protozoa that live in their guts and breaks down the wood, making it easier for them to absorb. Termites don’t discriminate when it comes to wood; they love it all, which is why it’s so important to get your home checked regularly.




Termites reside in areas where there is moisture, such as basements and tiny spaces, where those small creatures can begin to cause trouble. As soon as termites enter your home, they can infest any part of it.

DIY Termite Baiting


Getting rid of those pesky termites is our job but we are always happy to pass on our knowledge and experience to help out people when termites strike. One of the best DIY ways you can deal with termites is by termite baiting. It has a lot of advantages and is considered one of the most fool proof methods for delivering colony control and pest eradication.

Here are a few tips to tackle termites alone. If these don’t work for you or at all seems too much we are always here to help and provide a guaranteed pest removal service.



1 Select the Right Bait

In our years of experience we have discovered that there are termite bait brands that are more reliable than others. When you’re dealing with something as important as the foundations of your home, price should be no deterrent.  Go for the top of the line baiting systems to ensure your termite problem is resolved quickly.  Speak to your local supplier and shop around for a quality product.

A huge part of your success weighs on the bait you choose to buy.


2 Mixing Bait

Mixing your bait is of great important and is often the reason why DIY termite extermination attempts fail.  Bait must not be too moist or too dry or the termites or “white ants” wont go for it.  Make sure the water of liquid you are using to mix the bait is clean and free from contaminates.  Termites have a keen sense of smell and will avoid bait if it doesn’t seem quite right.

Make sure you follow the instructions to a T when choosing your liquid and mixing your bait to avoid wasting time and money.

3 Bait Placement

Once you have perfected the termite bait mix and are ready to set it around your home.   Firstly check which bait system you have.  Is it above ground? Is it below ground?  Or are you opting for a barrier treatment.  This step is crucial but often missed.  Don’t stress and start putting baits everywhere.  Sometimes less is more.


In Ground Bait

If you know the route your termites travel along or any high activity areas try to place that baits here.  If you have access to timber that has already been eaten place your baits there.  Termites usually return to areas they have started to destroy.

If you have elected to use bait stations, make sure you don’t use a sealant that will repel the termites.

4 Place with Care

As experienced termite exterminators and inspectors we know to be careful around termites.  Try not to disturb their paths, routes or any insects themselves.  Termites will run if disturbed which may send them deeper under your home, into the walls and furniture and away from the bait.

5 Get Help


At any point during baiting if you feel unsure, nervous or want to call in the experts make sure you contact us.  We have years of experience in termite baiting, termite inspections and general knowledge of the pests are are able to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

Damage to the foundations of your home isn’t something that you can ignore.  As soon as you suspect you have termites call in a professional!




Don’t let Termites Taint your Dream Home!


Buying a new home is an exciting time, there is so much going on that it is easy to get caught up in planning paint colours, room structure and yard details and forget about pre purchase inspections.  Sadly this can turn any dream home into a nightmare.  Pre purchase inspections are a fast and affordable way to ensure your new property is pest free and ready for your family to more in to. Most pre purchase inspections only take 2 – 2.5 hours and will provide you with months of comfort.


Pest control companies offer pre purchase pest inspections that focus on termites and other silent pests. Termites hide in the foundations of a home and cause irreversible damage costing thousands of dollars. As they lurk in timber and wood they are a silent pest and leave no tell-tale signs until it is too late. Often the previous owners won’t even know they have termites or white ants in the home. Unlike spiders, rodents or cockroaches termites don’t show themselves. The only way you can be certain a property is completely pest free is by calling in a professional company.


Did you know there are 300 types of termites in Australia? Don’t let any of them into your Brisbane property.

Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Companies such as Osborne’s Pest Services are the experts in pest control and termite inspections. As a fully licensed and qualified company they ensure every property is termite free and remains that way for over 12 months. Bringing in an expert is the only way to ensure every inch of a property is pest free. Looking under the house isn’t enough; you need an exterminator that looks under the house, in the ceiling, the walls, the furniture, the decking, back garage and even the surrounding plant life.  Pre purchase inspections cover more than just termites and also check for fleas, bed bugs, lice, rodents, wasps, cockroaches, moths, silver fish and even snakes!


According to a CSRIO survey in 2004 1 in 3 homes have had at least one infestation from subterranean Termites!

To make sure your next move is a seamless one make sure you book in a pre purchase pest inspection.Closeup photo of man's hand pointing out termite damage and a live termite.

Do you need a pre-purchase building inspection?

So you’ve found your dream home or work place and are all ready to move in.   The excitement of investing in a new property is often unrivaled which is why it is easy to forget to check for pests. This eagerness and excitement is why it is so  mortifying to discover an underlying pest problem after you’ve moved in.  Luckily for Australians pest control companies reside in every town ready to deal with pests that affect that area.  If you live or work in Tweed Heads Coastline Pest Control are the team for you!



Often the tell tale signs that there are pests such as mice, termites, silverfish or spiders in a building can not be seen to the naked, untrained eye.   Often by the time you know there is a pest problem it can be too late.  Termites in the foundations or mice in the walls can easily be hidden during a property walk through and even during the moving in process.  But after a few weeks, once you’ve settled in, you will start to see signs.  It might be droppings on the counter or cobwebs on the ceiling.  Slowly but surely the pest problem will reveal itself and then you will be in real strife!



The always present chance of pests is why it is crucial to have a professional perform a building inspection before you move in, to avoid any heartbreak and mounting costs, moving home or office is pricey enough.  Commercial and home properties are both at risk of pest infestations  and living in Australia we have a lot of pests!

Real estate agents and previous building owners wont tell you if there is a pest problem, but a pest service will.



Pre-purchase pest inspections will save you from any nasty surprises and ballooning costs.  You need to insure that you have a trained and qualified pest control service that can tell you of any infestations before you buy.  If you are lucky and there are no pests you will still receive sound advice of how to prevent infestations in the future and what the warning signs are for your property.  So there is no losing when you hire pest control experts.  Don’t let termites or wasps ruin your buying experience, before you buy a property ask yourself, do i need a pre-purchase building inspection?  The answer is always yes.

Dream home, or pest home?

Dream home, or pest home?

Why getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection is a must.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or just moving to a new house there are so many things that one must think about. Firstly it’s the actual house design, then neighborhood, location and backyard. What many people are likely to forget about is the house condition itself, not just the visuals, but all the materials that keep the house standing and healthy. Unfortunately there’s always that chance that the building may be susceptible to termites, which is a massive problem if you want a cost effective house choice. Once termites get themselves into the woodwork it’s a hard job to get rid of them.


Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection is something that must become an integral step toward buying a new property or house. Although some people may think it’s just an added cost, but it will save you a future full of endless calls to the pest control companies. A Pre-Purchase Inspection can provide you with a detailed account of what exactly you buying, with data and analysis completed by professionals. You’ll be provided a report outlining all the potential problem areas from every aspect of the house. Not only will this provide you with confidence in the home you are going to purchase, but it will allow you a greater understanding of what to look out for in future purchases.


If you’re going to invest in a house you want to feel secure about the decision because we all know the wave a nervous doubt that goes through someone making a huge purchase such as this. It’s important to keep thinking the positive aspects of house such as it’s admirable design, to it’s amazing walk in wardrobe, but we must remember those sneaky things that can catch up with us, after we say a firm yes to that eloquent spa.

Sub Floor Ventilation- what?

As mentioned in a previous post termites are one the biggest and most costly pest issues in the community, and preventing their attack is very important. As these bugs are attracted to damp places of your house the best thing to do is to make sure you treat the dampness. Instead of just getting rid of the termites, you need to get rid of their attraction, or they will keep coming back. One of the termite solutions provided by a pest control company is Sub Floor Ventilation.

What is it?

Sub Floor Ventilation is installing a system of duct pipes, exhaust fans and pumps in order to remove dampness from beneath your flooring. It is an essential method that extracts the damp moisture to make sure the moisture does not cause your floor area damage. If dampness is left within the floor then it can cause timber to warp, cracking, tile damage and of course termites. Luckily you can choose a company to create Sub Floor Ventilation that will suit your home,  it is not one design fits all. With all the new types of materials used in creating ventilation you also have the choice of what particular elements will make up the entire system.

It’s Benefits?

-It prevents the termite infestation- once termites decide to make your home their living area then you have to act immediately or else the problem can be extremely costly. Termites cause building erosion and repairing building structures is very expensive, especially if you continually repairing. In order to prevent termites even entering your home you need to make sure that your house is not damp in certain areas, in particular walls and floors. When there is poor ventilation through underneath your floor you will most likely inherent the dampness of the earth and soil. Sub Floor Ventilation is essential to combat this problem, Pest Stop Pest Control Blacktown can effectively install the appropriate system.

-Health-if your house has become damp then this can cause significant health risks to your family. When your house does become damp, this means humidity is high, which releases bacterial chemicals into the air. Once in the air your family will ingest the chemicals and this can cause varying health effects. Sometimes someone can become quite ill of pneumonia, or just symptoms of nausea, headaches, dizziness etc.  If you allow this damp environment to stay the same, there becomes more risk of these symptoms becoming worse.

-Protects your property- generally speaking if dampness occurs then the structure of your house is at risk of erosion. It may not be noticed for a long while before it is too late, once cracks are noticed this can be often too late to save certain walls. Eventually the erosion will devalue you house, until you put in the expense of renewing it.

So if you’re noticing a dampness within you home, or if you simply want to prevent this from happening then give a professional a call. Pest Stop Pest Control, in Blacktown, offer this service.

Why Subterranean Termites Are Costly and Dangerous

If you’re living in the Joondalup area you are probably already quite aware of the “white ants” that cause major destruction to family homes or buildings. Joondalup is high risk area for these nasty pests. Unfortunately termites are rife among many northern areas of Australia, due to the heat and vulnerability to humidity. Humid and damp climates are the perfect haven for these nasty critter.

Probably the most annoying and dangerous issues related to the Subterranean termite are their economical costs.

– Termite damage to timber is not covered by insurance companies, which means that any damage must be covered out of your own pocket.

-Damage can be deeper than it looks in most cases, that’s why a proper termite inspection needs to be undertaken or you can have a much larger cost on your hands. Some people may choose to take it upon themselves for a DIY inspection but the risks involved may not be worth it. These swarms of destructive ants can create holes you don’t see until it’s too late.

pest 1

What’s involved in treating and preventing termite invasions?

Termite Baiting:

Termite baiting is pretty much exactly how it sounds. You are providing bait to a colony of termites who will slowly be killed by your poisonous treat.  You will be feeding the termites until they stop eating your bait, then it is pretty much done. In order for the termites to be baited the bait must be placed in the spots of the timber they are already eating away at, a small hole must be made. 

Soil Treatment:

Soil treatments are used as a preventative measure for Subterranean termites.  A treatment is literally placed in the soil adjacent to the structure you are protecting, after a large hole is created in which to place the treatment.  In order to get the hole the right depth and diameter it is probably best left to professional assistance.

Measures to prevent termites:

Due to termites loving damp and humid places, it is best to keep spaces in buildings well ventilated. You should also think about alternative building materials other than timber, or at least attempt to keep soil at a distance to timber. Try and use concrete to create a barrier between any damp material structures.


Subterranean termites do not pose a small threat, they pose a large threat to all properties, which is why you should contact a professional. You should contact a pest team for help.