All You Need To Know About Silverfish

Silverfish may seem like harmless insects that just fly around causing minimal harm; however these little pests can create some trouble when it comes to your nice cardigans made from wool.

Visually, silverfish are flat and have scales that are silver which can rub off at times, along with their two antennas; they can be hard to detect as they can look quite similar to firebrats.



We encourage people to keep an eye out for areas in homes which are prone to moisture, as this is the perfect setting for silverfish to live and cause a significant amount of damage. Although silverfish aren’t poisonous, nor do they bite, they can cause destruction to clothing and books. Silverfish consider certain household products as their source of nourishment, including silk, flour, coffee and more.

Silverfish are strong minded creatures that can live without foods for months; they also like to prey on fellow pests. Termites are quite attractive to the silvery blue insects, and like to feed off the younger ones if they come across a nest.

Some of the signs to look out for when trying to identify silverfish are the yellow coloured stains they tend to leave behind after they have eaten off of something.

A large infestation of silverfish can cause quite a great deal of damage, some of the best things to do to prevent them from living in and amongst your home are listed below.

  • Open The Vents In Your Home
  • While Taking A Shower, Always Turn The Fan On
  • Clean-Up The Leaves Around Your Home
  • Eliminate Old Newspapers & Magazines
  • Vacuum Regularly
  • Dust & Clean Frequently



Things That Silverfish Feed On

  • Cereal
  • Flour
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Coffee
  • Carpet & More