Cockroaches & The Harm They Can Bring

Cockroaches, these annoying brown and black insects may look like harmless pests just searching for food; however they can spread a range of diseases. These tiny creatures belong to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta and Order Blattaria.

Cockroaches are quite common around the world. 1943 was when cockroaches were first noted to cause allergic skin reactions, when crawling onto the skin of humans. Skin irritations aren’t the only heath issues that these nuisances can cause, there have been numerous studies linking cockroaches to asthma attacks.




Asthma can be a serious life threatening condition, occurring when a person’s airways become inflamed and narrow, causing a struggle of breath. In 2007, Australia reportedly had around 10% of the population suffering from this extremely common disease.

Although there is no single cure for asthma, it can be controlled by taking medication and avoiding environmental situations where your asthma may exacerbate.

The debris from decomposing cockroaches is the perfect concoction to bring on serious asthma problems for those suffering from the condition. The size of a cockroach is able to be lifted into the air, while entering the bronchial tubes when you breathe. This causes an allergic reaction, otherwise known as asthma.




It’s incredibly important; especially for those who are asthmatic suffers, to hire an experienced exterminator to do a thorough inspection of your home. If cockroaches or any other pests are found, than the right steps will be taken to eliminate them once and for all.

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Keeping Your Workplace Pest Free

If you own your business and have an office or building under your care, there are many responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities is maintaining a clean and safe workplace for any employees under your management. However it can be difficult to keep a perfectly clean and trouble free environment  at all times.

Sometimes you’ll have the unfortunate issue of a pest problem, which in most cases can be sorted out with the help of a qualified pest control company. However there are ways you can prevent a pest issue occurring, much like prevention of pests in the home.

pest 3

Pests in the workplace can risk the health of your employees by spread of disease or sickness, which is why you need to recognise the first signs of a pest issue:

  • Pest Droppings Around the Workplace
  • Food Going Missing or Damaged Packaging
  • Unusual Sickness Of Employees
  • Pest Sightings Increased

These are only some of the many signs that pests have entered your workplace. It’s also important that you have regular communication with all employees to ensure there hasn’t been complaints regarding pests within the workplace.

Prevention Methods:


One of the most obvious prevention methods both in the home and workplace is that of a clean environment. You may be sick of cleaning the office or those who’re not doing their duty, but you must ensure that you make changes to secure a clean workplace. Whether you need to create a cleaning roster, or simply need to invest in more cleaning products, there needs to be a system to keep benches clean. Without regular cleaning efforts your workplace can be the perfect breeding ground for a variety of nasty critters.

pest 2

Moisture Control:

A lot of pests are attracted to moisture which is why it’s important to keep all your plumbing in tact. If there is a leaking tap or regular puddles in the sink, or the benches, you may be providing the perfect haven for rodents. Pests are attracted to water for the same reason humans are, it’s vital to their functioning. Ensure that you’re regularly keeping an eye out for any leaks or  moisture.

Rubbish Disposal:

Although this may seem like another obvious element you should ensure that you regularly clean out rubbish in the office. Even one or two weeks of rotting food or junk can attract many different pests. You need to set up a rubbish schedule with employees and enforce this strictly if you want to ensure your rubbish isn’t causing pest issues.


Common in offices are plants in different corners, providing employees with an element of nature. However with these beautiful natural additions to the office you sometimes be unlucky to attract bugs, sometimes in plague proportions. Although depending on the type of plant there are different bugs that surface, it’s important to gain some knowledge on any plant before including amongst the office decor.

If you want to prevent the onset of any bugs you should ensure you’re regularly checking the condition of the plant and adhering to care guidelines. It might be a good idea to leave the responsibility with one person as they can track the plant’s condition over time and become invested in it’s care (also diminishing the chance of people continually forgetting to water or take care of it).

pest 1

These are only some of the general guidelines when it comes to preventing pests within the workplace,and if you keep on top of these basics then you should be in a great position to sustain a pest free workplace.

However if you’ve found yourself in the position that your pest issue has blown out of control and you need a professional solution, you can contact your local pest control specialists.


What you need to know about Bird Control…

Birds, you either think they’re beautiful creatures like all others, or you can have some pretty big issues with their habits.  Some people are scared of birds, known as Ornithopbia, but usually most of us simply believe birds are annoying pests.  Although we hate being swooped and get bird droppings land on us occasionally, the biggest nuisance is when birds decide to nest in your home.

You can also have birds nest in your carport or garage, anywhere that is protected and in reach of food, is a potential home for your winged enemy.  You may not have a grudge against birds in general, but when birds nest in your home, or around you home, it can cause many issues.

bird 1

What are the particular problems associated with birds?


As mentioned above, birds like to find their own homes, and with our man made shelters you can’t expect birds to shy away. Birds usually nest in roof voids; anywhere they can squeeze a nest for their own family (even in your attic). If their nest didn’t cause major issues then it would be completely fine to share your abode with these animals, however like all species, there are always reasons we keep our distance.


Spread of disease

Birds have their own issues when it comes to health, and with them nesting within or near your premises, they could share these health problems with you, or your family. Notably birds become hosts of other nasty creatures, mites and lice. Birds living in close proximity means mites and lice can easily be a threat, but alas, these are very treatable.

However other diseases can be transferred from birds to humans, not all are common, but all are potentially a risk to your health.  Diseases that can be spread to humans are Histoplasmosis, Chlamydiosis, Avian Tuberculosis and more. Many of the diseases are related to their droppings coming in contact with humans.


Related to birds nesting in your home, birds that are very close to your sleeping quarters can be noisy. A lot of people put up with the noise of birds in the morning, usually because it’s impossible to avoid, and just a part of nature. However birds that nest in your roof, they’re the ones who can be extremely irritating and cause you trouble sleeping.



If you’re having issues with any of these bird related problems it’s difficult to manage without the proper training and knowledge. It’s also important that people don’t cause harm to the birds, as this is a form of animal cruelty, despite thinking it’s warranted in some cases. It’s also dangerous for both the human and bird if you attempt to remove them yourself.  Best way to analyse the situation and rid your pest problem is  to contact a pest control specialist. You may think you can handle it alone, but you can save yourself stress and health issues by allowing a helping hand.

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Ants, Ants, Ants: How To Control An Infestation

Ants are an insect that you usually see when you haven’t cleaned properly, or just outside in the dirt.  However in some cases Ants can become more then just a natural element in your backyard, they can often become pests. If they make their way into your home, that’s when you need to become more focused on getting rid of them.  There’s nothing worse then being riddled with judgement from friends or family who notice these critters in your home. In order to prevent ants and to treat ant issues you need to learn some tips about them, what products are out there, and how to act.

What is the ant and what do I use?

-Firstly you must know what type of ant you are dealing with before choosing to address the problem, there are many types. Unfortunately there are more than 1000 species of ants, which is a little deflating, and it’s often hard to properly name them. Here are ones that are monitored by the Queensland government because they are of significant risk. If you want someone with more expertise to handle your ant problem you can trust in a licensed pest control specialists.

Electric ants- also known as “little fire ant”

little fire ant


Yellow crazy ants-one of largest ant species

yellow nats


Fire ants- can cause a nasty sting

Fire Ants


-Most people use sprays to kill ants, which does work if it’s a small amount of ants you’d like to combat, not a nest.  So if you want to get rid of a nest of ants it is safer to include a baiting system that can destroy ant nests. You can buy ant bait systems from many commercial stores, and there are a lot of brands.  An ant bait system is used so that one ant or many will be attracted to the bait and carry it back to their colony.

-You can also use contact insecticides to cull the ant infestation, but you should not use it in conjunction with anything else. These usually come in spray form, or granules, aerosols etc.

-When attempting to completely get rid of all ants in a colony you must recognise the structure of an ant colony. If you don’t kill the queen ant then you won’t be affecting the rest of the colony too much. You should also destroy the queen’s workers.

Not working?

Sometimes you can use every method available to kill pests, but none seem to work. In this instance you should probably call Pest Stop Pest Control.

Profiling the Bed Bug

If you’re looking at a bug you’ve found under your mattress, then it could be the dreaded, and famous, bed bug. Yes, it seems like the bed bug is one of those creatures that you only hear about in movies, or when you’re little and very fragile about nasty creatures.  Unfortunately these little nasty creatures are real, and have many distinct features. Here’s a profile of your predator.

What does the bed bug look like?

-It has no wings

-It is oval shaped

-It is usually a light brown shade

-It is flat, and thin around the body.



What’s their damage?

Bed Bugs are actually more brutal than they appear, don’t let their size fool you. These critters live on a diet of blood, much like the vampire, but not as much blood of course.  When you find yourself bitten by this insect you may not even notice, until you see the after damage. You will break out in red welts or a rash. Although in some cases you will not get any noticeable marks.


Their species…

There are a few different types of bed bugs, but one type is the more prevalent pest to all home owners. This is the Cimex lectularius

Although there are more uncommon types such as chimney swift bug(Cimexopsis nyctalis and the swallow bug(Oeciacus vicarius).  Even though they are of the same family, we as humans wouldn’t consider them our bed bugs.

Daily activity…

-These creatures are night owls, they are readily active during the night period, and then rest during the day. Perfect timing to get you while you’re sleeping.

-Adult bed bugs can lay up to twelve eggs a day, and often you will have no clue that they all around you in the smallest places and holes.

-Their lifespan is about a year and a half, but this is not a permanent rule for all bed bugs.

How to get rid of them…

Unfortunately once you get a major infestation of bed bugs it’s best to seek people with extensive knowledge and the right equipment. Due to the nature of how sneaky these bugs are it’s impossible to carry out a proper inspection yourself, they are too good at hiding.  Once a professional pest control company knows exactly how big of an infestation they are dealing with, they can treat it accordingly.  It may take the form of chemical treatments or cleaning techniques. Either way, these guys know what they are dealing with.  If you’re a Penrith resident in need of some help with pest control, allow Pest Control Penrith- Emblem Pest Services to guide you through.