Thr Trouble That Mice Can Cause

Mice, a number of us think of them as a cute and adorable animal that run across the floor, hiding inside of openings and nibbling on cheese. Maybe it’s the cutesy innocent face they pull, or the fact that they’re a popular pet, whatever the reason, we don’t tend to fear them in the same way as we would with other pests such as spiders.


Also known as a small rodent, mice can cause a large amount of damage to homes, especially furniture. Mice tend to chew on soft items, as couches, clothing, and stuffed animals are just some of a mice’s victims.

  • Don’t leave Food Lying Around
  • Clean-Up Any Crumbs, Sweep Floor Regularly
  • Ensure Holes In Walls Are Sealed Up
  • Mow The Lawn Regularly To Prevent Mice From Residing In Long Grass Areas
  • Install Brush Strips On The Bottom Of Doors To Prevent Mice From Entering

The most significant way that mice can cause the largest damage is by chewing through electrical wires; not only is that a severe fire hazard, it can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. The best way to ensure your property remains free from mice is to stop them from entering the premises in the first place; ensuring there are no holes in the walls or large openings willmake it difficult for the mice to enter. Cleaning your kitchen frequently, not just washing dishes but also sweeping up crumbs on the floor and around cupboards will also deter them from entering certain areas.

One of the main issues with mice is that they breed often, as a female mouse can give birth up to ten litters per year, with each containing up to six mice. Many may not think a single mouse is a big deal, however their presence can spread incredibly quickly.

From a health perspective, mice can carry a number of diseases and viruses, with studies proving that some people who breath in dust polluted from mice droppings will contract Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis. This illness has a number of symptoms and if untreated, can lead to diseases affecting the brain.

If you have concerns about some of the pest activity in your home, contact a professional exterminator immedietely.