The Most Dangerous Spiders In Australia

Spiders, when some people hear that word they completely freak out. Whether it’s a huge black spider, or a small daddy longlegs, phobias to these types of creatures is quite common.

While there are legitimate reasons to have concerns about those scary eight-legged insects, fellow pests including bees are more likely to cause allergic reactions that can lead to death. Even though Australia has some of the most venomous spiders in the world, there have been no fatalities since 1981. This not to say that we must catch spiders and keep them as pets, there are some that are poisonous and when detected, the issue must be addressed immediately.

Spider venom is not directed at humans, their main target is smaller prey, and insects that they’re able to eat. We’re going to discuss some of Australia’s most dangerous spiders.

Sydney Funnel Web

This kind are known to be some of the deadliest spiders in Australia, found in New South Wales, as well as metropolitan areas. The frightening thing about these spiders is that when they feel threatened, they can get quite hostile. With a body length ranging from one to five centimetres, these dark coloured shiny solid built spiders have toxic venom, and will usually bite their victims several times.

Those who are bitten by this type of spider will definitely feel the bite and must seek medical assistance immediately.




Redback Spider

Redback spiders are common among many urban locations, and live in sheltered and dry locations like garden sheds, mail boxes and garage. These spiders have a round shaped body, with skinny black legs and a red strip on the back half of its frame. Unlike the Sydney Funnel Web, the venom affects the nerve system and can be incredibly deadly. The most lethal bites are from the females, and may include continuous symptoms including nauseousness and lethargy. If you think that you may have been bitten, you must get yourself checked straightaway.




Mouse Spider

Mostly found alongside streams, and sometimes near residential locations, these eight-legged creatures are not known to be aggressive. Mouse spiders can be mistaken for funnel web creatures, as the symptoms when bitten by the latter can be quite similar. These spiders have high bulbous heads and jaws, while the body is smooth and glossy. If you think that you have been bitten, best to get it checked by a medical professional urgently.




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Dream home, or pest home?

Dream home, or pest home?