Preparing Your Home For The Warmer Weather

While we are slowly bidding farewell to the two-degree mornings, the warmer weather brings on other issues, specifically the presence of unwanted pests. Laying by the pool, drinking cool beverages and enjoying the sun are forms of entertainment that we shouldn’t have to give up, especially due to the annoyance of pests buzzing around your ears, or having ants crawl on your feet. Spoiling our fun in the sun is a hobby of many pests, especially spiders, cockroaches and flies. While these pests can put a slight damper on special summer gatherings, there are ways to minimise the threat.

As soon as a pest notices dust, food scraps and spills, they’re generally the first ones to arrive at the scene, making us humans even more grossed out by the sight of a cockroach eating crumbs that fell off the lemon tart! Now is the time to scour all locations around the kitchen, from the back of the fridge to the top shelves, if there is an inkling of food, no doubt those pesky pests will be all over it by breakfast. Continue reading