Why Termite Inspections Are A Must

Before purchasing a home, there are a number of things to consider, from the size to the location.

Many people are too focused on the features of the home that they don’t realise the importance of having a place that’s been inspected for possible termites. These small, annoying creatures can cause an abundance of trouble on all types of properties.



Receiving regular termite inspections will allow for your property to be thoroughly checked and for technicians to pick up on a problem before it gets any worse.

Termites are wood destroying structural pests and can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in homes, offices and other areas that contain wood. Termites love eating cellulose, a chain of sugar molecules that gives wood its strength, these pests eat this substance for nutritional purposes.

Termites don’t digest the wood immediately, it’s the protozoa that live in their guts and breaks down the wood, making it easier for them to absorb. Termites don’t discriminate when it comes to wood; they love it all, which is why it’s so important to get your home checked regularly.




Termites reside in areas where there is moisture, such as basements and tiny spaces, where those small creatures can begin to cause trouble. As soon as termites enter your home, they can infest any part of it.

Facts You May Not Know About Ants

Have you ever been sitting down and felt something crawling on your leg? Fearing it’s a spider you shake your foot only to see a small insect running up and down your skin. Ants, those miniature creatures that you don’t know whether to love or hate them, I mean they’re not scary looking and not all are dangerous,  just slightly annoying.

There are more than 12,000 species of ants all around the globe, while Australia is known to have representatives of 10 subfamilies. This may seem unbelievable but ants are incredibly strong and can lift 20 times their own body weight. Most of the time they don’t cause any harm, however can be of a health risk of they come into contact with food.

Even through ants are living breathing creatures, they don’t have any lungs, oxygen is received through the many holes covering their bodies and air departs through that same way.

Ants are very social, living in colonies they can be made up of millions of creatures. That’s usually why you never see an ant by themselves most of the time they’re accompanied by others.

Some of the most famous ants around the world include Argentine Ants, native to Brazil and Argentina; they take a particular interest to sweet foods. These dark brown ants reside in wet areas close to food and enjoying living in backyards full of grass. Ants of these kinds are common household pests and often invade areas where food and water is present.



Carpenter Ants are attracted to wood and can cause major damage to homes. These ants build their nests near damp wood such as near tree stumps. There are many different carpenter ants throughout America and can grow up to two centimetres long.




Odorous house ants, mostly native to the United States are usually brown or black and don’t pose a serious health threat of any kind. The food of choice for these ants is mostly dead insects and sweets loaded with sugar. Odorous house ants prefer to reside in warm areas both inside and outside, such as inside buildings, in floors and walls.



Why Rats Can Be Dangerous

Rats, you may not know it, but these creatures can cause some major trouble. Sure they may look like they’re up to no good and scare you from time to time when you least expect it, but did you know the amount of damage they can cause you and your family?

Rats are responsible for a number of diseases, including leptospirosis. By coming into contact with rat’s urine, this can cause damage to your liver and kidney. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a viral disease and is transmitted by inhaling substances that contain rat urine or droppings.




As well as causing illnesses, rats are also a nuisance to the structure or homes and can be incredibly destructive. These sneaky creatures love to bite on thermal installations in attics and roam around small and confined areas.

There isn’t much that rats don’t like to chew on, from plants to wires, roof tiles and more, it’s important to keep an eye out in your home and make sure that you’re checking to see if an issue is occurring. If you notice some wire that’s been eaten, observe it closely and if it progresses, get into contact with a pest control business to ensure no further damage is done.

Rats love to chew on wires, which could be of great concern to you and your family, as this could cause a fire to breakout. Some home insurance policies have multiple exclusions, one being rodent infestation, which could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’re not covered.




There is only one definitive way to ensure your home is pest free; receiving an inspection by a qualified technician, in order to be 100% sure that your home safe for you and your family.

Many pest control businesses have effective techniques they use to guarantee that the problem doesn’t return. They’re highly trained in eliminating pests and will provide you and your family with peace of mind.

For a reliable and efficient service in the Ulladulla area, contact Connells Pest Management today, or for great service in the Griffith area, call Ashton Pest Control.