Organic Pest Control: The Man Made Materials

As talked about in the previous post, there is a whole world of organic solutions to pest control, of course we are talking about specific garden variety pests, nonetheless there are a lot options. Yes, pesticides, powders and sprays are among the organic solutions, and usually people become nicely attached to these non-toxic mixtures.  Sometimes we can’t eradicate every pest and egg with the use of sprays or powders, instead we need to resort to some more stealthy options, more calculated and creative.

Lets look at some ways that organic pest control can be used through materials, you’ll be very interested in how they work. It may also leave you wondering who on this earth came up with such designs, but you will be thankful they did.

Floating Row Covers

-Well this one is very common and many people already know how this works.  You most likely see them draped around large crop areas, as farmers readily use this material.

– If you haven’t clicked on what exactly a floating row cover is, then it’s simply a mesh type material, that you can buy in large, very large lengths. It has holes for breathing, it’s white usually, and it allows light to get to the plants. Additionally it allows for you to water without hassle.

-It can come in different weights, to ensure it is suited to the climate and area.

-You can also get plastic row covers, which are obviously hardier, but need to be watched more carefully, as they can collect heat.

-Sometimes people can find themselves tangled in row covers if they attempt to place them down on a breezy day, it’s more a a two person job. If its only a small surface area then you can manage it yourself, but it still is somewhat tricky. In order to keep row covers in place you need a weight to hold it down on all sides, this is so it doesn’t blow away, or allow small insects through.


Pheromone Traps

– Phermone traps are quite impressive creations, using sex attraction against the bug species. Pheromone is a scent that bugs let off in order to attract the opposite sex for mating, but scientists have been able to replicate this smell, and use it against the poor bugs.

-Mostly adult males are attracted to the scent, which in some instances doesn’t do much if you are having a wide scale insect problem. Instead these sort of traps are best used in enclosed or small spaces, as it won’t help much for large scale eradication.

-Successfully used in cases of the gypsy moth

-It is very sensitive to all pests, so you may get some extra unwanted pests caught up in the traps.

-There are specific lures for each pest kind, not all are available, scientists keep working on collecting the pheromones.


 Sticky Traps

-As the name suggests, these traps are based on using stickiness to catch the nasty pests. Who would have thought pest control could be so easy? There’s heaps of sticky products that can used to create a sticky trap, and with this you can very creative.

-You can also buy sticky traps pre- packaged, for those who don’t find pest control that exciting.

-It also plays on the attraction certain bugs have to colour, each species being attracted to different colour pigments. Blue sticky traps can attract thrips or leaf miners. Or bright yellow colours can attract aphids, moths, leaf hoppers.

-In order to get them effectively working you will need them hanging very close to plants, if not on the plants themselves.

-They won’t look pretty once they start working, like bug zappers, they get stuck all over the surface, and it’s quite visually disgusting. If they work, then it’s likely you won’t care too much about that.



Those are some of the man made traps and solutions to the organic world of pest control, of course, you may still be wary.


The Sneakiest Pest – Weeds

When most people think of pests they think of rats, spiders, fleas and termites.  But what about weeds?  They are the most common pest and destroy more than just your garden.  Weeds kill native plants, insects and even animals.  They sometimes go unnoticed because of their ability to blend in, or even more because of their ability to stand out with beautiful flowers.  Most people don’t associate flowers with weeds which is why they are the sneakiest pest of all.  Usually pest control companies don’t take care of weeds.  But luckily residents of Joondalup have Pest Control Joondalup who take care of wasps, possums, snakes, fleas and weeds!  They are the best company for any pest need.   Here are a few examples of weeds in Australia and why they need to be kept at bay.

Winter Grass

Winter Grass is a weed that hits many areas around Australia.  Controlling this weed is essential because it is a prolific seeder and will kill other grass and takeover whole lawns.  It flourishes in summer then dies right back in winter leaving dead and dry lawn.  It returns in the warmer months and produces even more seeds killing every other plant in its path.

Broadleaf Weeds

The most common broadleaf weeds are dandelion, cat’s ear, lamb’s tongue, chickweed and dock weed, the weeds are found in lawns and gardens.  Broadleaf weeds, like the name suggests, have broad leaves that hug the ground.  It is important to get onto these weeds as its easier to kill young plants than mature ones.  But you need to be careful as mowing or snipping these weeds only stimulates them and makes them flourish even more.  Its best to get a professional in to eradicate the problem.


Bindii’s come under many different names and flourish all over the world.  They are a low growing weed that penetrate and area where grass grows.  The weed is often found on ovals or in backyards and is most often noticed when stepped on.  It has thin spiky needles that prick and stay in your feet or hands.  They are painful but not harmful and can usually be killed with a herbicide.

Patterson’s Curse

Patterson’s Curse produces a beautiful purple flower so is often left to flourish.  It needs to be brought under control as it is detrimental to both plants and animals.  It tends to overcrowd the environment it is in and suppresses and kills native vegetation.  It grows rapidly in fields and is poisonous to livestock, it also decreases the value of grain and hay it has infested.  The hairy leaves and stems also cause irritation to the skin of people who touch it and a lot of people are allergic to the pollen.


Capeweed is a sprawling, stemless herb that germinates during autumn and winter.  Like Patterson’s Curse it produces flowers, capeweed flowers are solitary yellow flowers with blackish purple central disc florets.   They look similar to daisies but spread much faster.  They compete with crops, are resistant to herbicides and cause nitrate poisoning in sheep.

Cape Tulip

Introduced from Africa this pretty weed is a long stem with 6 pink flowers protruding from in.  Although it is poisonous to livestock it is often avoided by them unless there is no other grazing options.


Blackberries are delicious and a favored fruit by many Australian people, but if the plant is not controlled it has many negative impacts.  Blackberry bushes grow densely and restrict access to areas, this often happens around bodies of water preventing animals from drinking.  Blackberries reduce the growing capabilities of other crops and plants.  Blackberry bushes suck nutrients and moisture from the ground and are unpalatable for animals.  The bushes are also highly flammable once they die.

These weeds and many others grow fast and flourish in Australia.  They are harmful to native plants and animals and often are confused with flowers.  Although not all only have bad traits they still need to controlled and dealt with quickly to avoid spreading.

Picture Courtesy of Pest Control Joondalup

Environmentally Friendly Pest Removal.

If you are passionate about the environment and care about animals it can be daunting to find out you have a pest problem.  Getting rid of huge cockroaches or disastrous termites is an easy decision to make,but when you are faced with snakes, birds, possums, bees or even mice it gets a little trickier.  It’s becoming  more common for people to attempt to get rid of pests on their own using cruelty free traps, but these don’t always work and the longer you let a pest take rule of  your home the worse it will become.

Ringtail Possum

Ringtail Possum

Catching one mouse is easy but what about ten mice? Or a possum?!  Many people don’t know that there are strict laws protecting those pesky possums and the same goes for snakes, bees and many birds.  They can not be killed and must be safely removed and relocated to specific areas, no easy task!  When you are faced with creatures you need to remove but not harm you want a pest control company that can eliminate pests with minimum damage and disruption to you and them.

Luckily in today’s environmentally conscious world its much easier to find a pest control company that has the same ethics and values that you do.  Many of them offer extermination treatments that are safe for the family and your pets but still get rid of the nastiest pests.  Eco friendly pest control will eradicate all the pests a harmful company will but will also leave you feeling good and breathing easy.

Pest control companies not only safely remove pests they also can proof your home to stop pests from coming back.  

Bird proofing: bird proofing has become a popular option for those residing in Sydney.  Seagulls, crows and owls are noisy and can make a mess of your property.  Have them safely removed and re-homed as soon as possible.

Nesting Bird

Nesting Bird


Snakes: Snakes can be scary and poisonous which is why it is always best to call in an expert to remove them.  Don’t try and set traps or bates yourself, this will only aggravate the snake or harm them, you never know it might be a protected, native creature.

Carpet Snake

Carpet Snake


Bees: the number of bees is declining rapidly which is not good news, if you have a nest don’t touch it and DON’T harm the bees, we need them.  Simply call an expert to safely remove the hive and your family will be safe again.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee


Of course most pests don’t need relocating or saving and more often then not you want them dead.  Termites, ants, moths, fleas and bed bugs need to be killed as do their eggs.  You want a fool proof pest control method, DIY methods don’t always work and you never want to risk the foundations of your home.  Environmentally friendly pest control services still have the big guns to solve any creepy crawly problem.  So for safe, ethical and effective pest removal and control, call the experts.



Most common pests.

  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Possums
  • Rats And Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Birds
  • Bed Bugs
  • Moths
  • Flies
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • Millipedes 
  • Bees & Wasps

If you are dealing with any of these call an expert, it you are dealing with something worse then this, definitely call an expert!

Do you need a pre-purchase building inspection?

So you’ve found your dream home or work place and are all ready to move in.   The excitement of investing in a new property is often unrivaled which is why it is easy to forget to check for pests. This eagerness and excitement is why it is so  mortifying to discover an underlying pest problem after you’ve moved in.  Luckily for Australians pest control companies reside in every town ready to deal with pests that affect that area.  If you live or work in Tweed Heads Coastline Pest Control are the team for you!



Often the tell tale signs that there are pests such as mice, termites, silverfish or spiders in a building can not be seen to the naked, untrained eye.   Often by the time you know there is a pest problem it can be too late.  Termites in the foundations or mice in the walls can easily be hidden during a property walk through and even during the moving in process.  But after a few weeks, once you’ve settled in, you will start to see signs.  It might be droppings on the counter or cobwebs on the ceiling.  Slowly but surely the pest problem will reveal itself and then you will be in real strife!



The always present chance of pests is why it is crucial to have a professional perform a building inspection before you move in, to avoid any heartbreak and mounting costs, moving home or office is pricey enough.  Commercial and home properties are both at risk of pest infestations  and living in Australia we have a lot of pests!

Real estate agents and previous building owners wont tell you if there is a pest problem, but a pest service will.



Pre-purchase pest inspections will save you from any nasty surprises and ballooning costs.  You need to insure that you have a trained and qualified pest control service that can tell you of any infestations before you buy.  If you are lucky and there are no pests you will still receive sound advice of how to prevent infestations in the future and what the warning signs are for your property.  So there is no losing when you hire pest control experts.  Don’t let termites or wasps ruin your buying experience, before you buy a property ask yourself, do i need a pre-purchase building inspection?  The answer is always yes.

Dream home, or pest home?

Dream home, or pest home?

Spider Bites and What To Do

Although it’s getting to winter and pests generally go into hibernation this doesn’t mean that they’re gone. We still need to be wary of any sign of a pest problem and still remain cautious about our living especially when Australian spiders are the hot topic.  Although it’s unlikely to be a spider infestation in your family home sometimes these nasty arachnids can hide in the building foundations.  Like most international folks like to remind us, we have some poisonous very eight legged friends, but more often then not it’s just usually the daddy-long-leg spider we see. We all know how little threat these spiders are to us humans, so perhaps we should look at those that may cause a bit more of a stir and maybe call in the experts.

The Redback Spider:

Most people know the redback spider both visually and by name. A lot of people hear about the nasty redback but never really have contact with one, those that have remember.  Mature female redbacks are jet black, with a big red stripe on their fat backs.  Although not encountered a whole lot, these spiders can cause you a bit a pain if they bite you.   Redbacks usually cause you to have a red rash which spreads through the area in which you have been bitten and can cause headaches, nausea, sweating or possibly fever.  As you can see by the symptoms it can be hard to diagnose on your own, to be safe it’s best to seek a GP. However some people are happy to apply ice packs and wait it out, which in a lot of cases is fine.  If a child is bitten go straight to hospital.

If you are bitten you can do some simple things to improve the chances of a quicker recovery.

-You can place an icepack on the wound

-Lay down and do not move around

-Call a hospital or doctor, as anti venom’s are carried at almost all hospitals and this is the safest option


Notorious Redback


The Funnel-Web Spider:

Before people start to panic about the funnel-web spider, this scary looking creature will no typically lurk inside your house, it rather enjoys the outdoors in burrows. However they do  inhabit many states and cities of Australia, so if you do come across one, be very careful. Female funnel-web spiders stay in their burrow, only leaving to quickly snatch up some tucker passing by, so it’s unlikely you’ll meet the female. Males are the ones that will move about outside, and on rare occasions find their way into your home. Unlike the Red-Back spider our friend here has a bite that is extremely dangerous and the spider is quite aggressive.

If you are bitten you must apply a bandage around the wound firmly to reduce the poison spreading. If possible take the specimen to the hospital (dead or alive), along with yourself of course. Also use a splint to reduce movement of the limb which has been bitten. If left untreated this bite will be fatal. Do not try and manage the bite yourself, you absolutely need anti venom.  It’s a good idea when moving into a new property is to have a building inspection especially in Sydney where funnel-webs are notorious.

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

In the  event that you think you may have any sort of spider problem within your house it is a very good idea to call in a pest control professional, if you’re living in South Sydney you can try South Sydney Pest Control.