The Huntsman Spider

With the sweltering humidity during the summer months you may have noticed an increase of insects in your home, and maybe you’ve encountered the pesky huntsman or two. Although most people are aware that huntsmen are not dangerous to humans, they’re still quite threatening to look at, and many people can’t stand the thought of any spider.

Considering the common sightings of huntsmen in the home maybe we should learn a little bit more about the eight legged critter.



Don’t worry, Huntsman don’t feed (or want to feed) on humans. Instead our eight legged creatures hunt for other insects and spiders to gorge on, they’re carnivores.


However a huntsman may decide to give you a small bite if he/she feels threatened, which is rare. You don’t need to worry if this happens as the bite isn’t going to cause you any major issues, but it could hurt for a while before it goes away. If you do feel as though the bite is affecting you in an unusual way then make sure you consult a healthcare professional.


Mostly these spiders love to be away from humans and that’s why the majority of this species are outside. You’ll likely not notice them due to their natural colours, however they’ll be under logs, in any natural crevice, and even under rocks. Unfortunately they will sometimes find their perfect place in your automobile, or house. Huntsmen enjoy the humidity and damp


  • Hunts prey with precision
  • They are large spiders (as big as 15cm)
  • Distinctly hairy on the bodice, as well as legs (amount of hair varies)
  • Brown, Grey and in-between.
  • Generally flat bodies so they can hide in crevices



Delena cancerides


There are actually over 85 types of Huntsman types in Australia, it’s the small aspects which distinguish them that the general household inhabitant wouldn’t notice.

Where you’ll find them:

You’ll find that most Huntsman spiders are living all around Australia, so you literally can’t escape a sighting of one of these docile spiders. Although not all Huntsman species are found in every state, although that doesn’t help those who’ll still be deathly scared of the species that are in that state.



Overall you’ll find by reading this information  the Australian Huntsman isn’t a major risk to your health, which is the main concern of any pest. However if you believe you have too many Huntsman turning up in your home then you can look into pesticides off the shelf, or enquire with a professional pest control company.

Don’t let the hairy eight legged spider completely freak you out, as your mother would say “they’re more scared of you, than you’re of them!”.

You can contact Pest Control Hawkesbury-Emblem Pest Services whenever you have any pest issues, whether that means spider issues, or rodents.

Antechinus: A Unique and Newsworthy Specimen

If you haven’t caught the news recently, the cute marsupial Antechinus has become a wonder of amazement, with habits that are quite amusing and apparently newsworthy for some media outlets.   So what is the fascination with this tiny marsupial? Are they dangerous to humans? Are pest control methods required?


What’s with the buzz?

Those who haven’t heard about the mating habits of the Antechinus may be quietly amused to know that the Antechinus spend most of the last part of their existence mating, which actually breaks down their immune system and they die.  However when put in are more comical fashion it can be seen as a brilliant way to go out.

However what isn’t fully explained is that the changing food resources for the marsupials forces the species to breed. It is the male which dies not long after mating, but the females tend to live longer (even able to have more than one litter).

So in a way it’s not as quick and as comical as the media would suggest. There is a lot of people who may envy this tiny creature, however there’s more to the story.


Most people who live city areas or high density areas may never see these type of marsupials, in comparison to those living in rural areas. Some rural people may even find these little critters be cute and interesting inhabitants.

Generally speaking these creatures don’t aim to live in your home, however they may end up finding a nice place in your home for their nest. However you don’t need to be too concerned as they won’t cause harm. However don’t be surprised if you find a nest in drawers, chairs and be wandering around in you kitchen.

Pest Control:

If you’ve noticed an influx of these mouse like creatures and think you need to find a pest control solution, take a step back for a second.

You can’t just go out and start buying poisons, these are protected. You cannot kill or harm Antechinus, instead you’ll need to with more humane control methods.

If you need help with eliminating Antechinus or any other pests, most pest control companies will be happy to assist, using the most harmonious methods.