What you need to know about Bird Control…

Birds, you either think they’re beautiful creatures like all others, or you can have some pretty big issues with their habits.  Some people are scared of birds, known as Ornithopbia, but usually most of us simply believe birds are annoying pests.  Although we hate being swooped and get bird droppings land on us occasionally, the biggest nuisance is when birds decide to nest in your home.

You can also have birds nest in your carport or garage, anywhere that is protected and in reach of food, is a potential home for your winged enemy.  You may not have a grudge against birds in general, but when birds nest in your home, or around you home, it can cause many issues.

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What are the particular problems associated with birds?


As mentioned above, birds like to find their own homes, and with our man made shelters you can’t expect birds to shy away. Birds usually nest in roof voids; anywhere they can squeeze a nest for their own family (even in your attic). If their nest didn’t cause major issues then it would be completely fine to share your abode with these animals, however like all species, there are always reasons we keep our distance.


Spread of disease

Birds have their own issues when it comes to health, and with them nesting within or near your premises, they could share these health problems with you, or your family. Notably birds become hosts of other nasty creatures, mites and lice. Birds living in close proximity means mites and lice can easily be a threat, but alas, these are very treatable.

However other diseases can be transferred from birds to humans, not all are common, but all are potentially a risk to your health.  Diseases that can be spread to humans are Histoplasmosis, Chlamydiosis, Avian Tuberculosis and more. Many of the diseases are related to their droppings coming in contact with humans.


Related to birds nesting in your home, birds that are very close to your sleeping quarters can be noisy. A lot of people put up with the noise of birds in the morning, usually because it’s impossible to avoid, and just a part of nature. However birds that nest in your roof, they’re the ones who can be extremely irritating and cause you trouble sleeping.



If you’re having issues with any of these bird related problems it’s difficult to manage without the proper training and knowledge. It’s also important that people don’t cause harm to the birds, as this is a form of animal cruelty, despite thinking it’s warranted in some cases. It’s also dangerous for both the human and bird if you attempt to remove them yourself.  Best way to analyse the situation and rid your pest problem is  to contact a pest control specialist. You may think you can handle it alone, but you can save yourself stress and health issues by allowing a helping hand.

If you live in the Caboolture area and would like a qualified, reputable pest control company, contact Pest Control Caboolture- Bridges Pest Control.